Online Lead Generation


Online Lead Generation

Quality Leads that Accelerate Sales

Lloyd James Media Group’s online lead generation service enables us to supply our clients with marketing contact data of permissioned consumers, delivered real-time and directly into your CRM for immediate action. We are lead generation experts, extending our experience in telephone lead generation into partnerships with premium traffic sources and affiliate marketers. We have access to a broad range of online and mobile lead generation platforms.

We use co-registration programmes to promote your brand, to consumers who proactively sign up for further contact if they are interested in your product or service. All the leads are opted-in through online collection pages, where the data will be verified through stringent validation systems.

Online lead generation delivers:

  • Recency – Leads are delivered to you “live” as consumers opt in
  • Relevance – Leads have opted in to your brand
  • Quality – Leads are validated before delivery and we undertake performance and quality tracking of all our sources
  • Compliance – Leads are fully aware of how and why their data is being processed through transparent Privacy Policies and Fair Processing Notices