Time 2 Call


Time 2 Call

Lloyd James Media Group’s Time2Call service helps clients running telephone marketing campaigns, to accurately predict the right time to contact customers. Time2Call enables you to intelligently predict when consumers are likely to be at available to receive your telemarketing offers.

Time2Call is a unique tool which enables you to flag the time of day, evenings or weekends, when consumers are most likely to be at home or predisposed to receive your call offer. Built from historical and live telephone transactional data, Time2Call comprises of over 20 million intelligent disposition elements, including consumer preferences, as well as preferences based on transactional activity, where date and times are compiled and modelled.

By flagging your campaign data with a Time2Call preference, you reduce costly recontact strategies, and talk with consumers at a convenient time they are most likely to respond. This should improve connectivity and save money and resources.