Data Audit and Profiling


Data Audit and Profiling

Insights to discover more about your customers

Data quality audit is an important step to assure high quality data and is the first step to understanding your customers. Data quality audits also help resolve data quality issues by discovering and planning for data cleansing activities.

Lloyd James Media Group’s Data Audit service involves analysing variables, such as contact data validation, marketing permissions, industry suppressions, field populations and distributions to provide a full perspective of our clients’ data. Whilst auditing your data for its quality is a vital step, our analysts carry out other processes to give you a holistic view. Our audits can sometimes highlight consistent data capture or data transformation issues. Understanding this enables data to be corrected at source to prevent the errors continuing.

A data audit is a great place to start your journey to discovering more about your customers.

To move towards a position where you can start maximising the return on your data, Lloyd James Media Group’s Profiling services give our clients a comprehensive view of what their customers look like. We match your customer data to our Absolute UK database. Using our rich set of lifestyle and demographic data, we build a profile of your customers.

Use Lloyd James Media Group’s Profiling service to gain insights into your customers, and to target more people who look like your customers, through our List Rental products.